V20: methuselahs rising

10,000 sorrows for the Queen of Pearls

Our party begins in the city of Han in southern China. A messenger arrives stating he has been sent by the Zao Brujah Ran-Qui at the Han docks. You meet with Ran-Qui and he wishes to take you down the Yellow River to Chang’on to meet with the Queen of Pearls at the Jade Pagoda.

The party agrees and travels down river. They meet with the Queen of Pearls and her vast court of kindred. She speaks of the dead returning led by the evil Yomi named Fu Buji. The party agrees to terms and travels down the river with a werewolf named Longren to the ruined city of Shang Dong.

Across the desert they travel to the lone mountain. Atop it is the Cave of 10,000 sorrows, with a passage to Huang Quan, the land of the dead. Within the cave they face Gong Bo, the elemental gatekeeper. After a flurry of fire our party defeats him and passes into Huang Quan. Within sits Fu Buji, a Kuie-Jin who has balanced Hun and Po. They discover that their powers do not work here and so they are forced to listen to Fu Buji. He claims that the Grey Pilgrim told him that the Harbringers of Chaos would assist him in destroying the 3 threats; the Queen of Pearl, Emperor Ming of Han, his sons Go Sun and Yi Roa, and finally destroying the tower of Tsang in Ghangzhou.

Our party realizes all that is really required is destroying the Queen of Pearls. They travel back to Chang’on and after much conflict Diablerie the Queen.

Returning to Han they are granted a feast for destroying the enemy city of Chang’on. Our party must decide if they will attend the feast and butcher the Mages, or travel back to the egg to traverse to the next intersection of time.


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