V20: methuselahs rising

The demise of Prince Camillus

Keminitri's first strike

Our party begins in Rome heading to the Halls of Mithras for the Feast of Elders held by Prince Camillus in their honor. The festivities start with Nisaba in some gladiator combat. She has her hands full with Sayshean the City Gangrel. After that she is almost killed by Gragoth the Malkavian twisted by dark Vicissitude powers. However she prevails proving her dominance to the Eternal Senate gathered.

From there they are invited to join Camillus on his pleasure barge to discuss his idea of an “Eternal Council” called the Inconnu. They decide to think upon it, then with swift precision an Illusion attack commences leaving Camillus dead, and allowing Keminitri to assume the role ultimately.

Off to the egg they go, traveling to China during the Han dynasty. They travel to the city of Han, ruled by the Han Mages. they are greeted by the Mage Confuscius. Their is talk of kindred versus Kuei-Jin, the latter of which Tythan wishes to ascend to power. As they gather themselves they are attached by Tsang Mages. They realize their foes here are very alien to any they have faced before…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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