V20: methuselahs rising

Slaughter of the Elders

Our party awaits in Rome, however Nisaba and Sargon are approached by Tythan the Annunaki and he wishes to send them into the future within the egg. The groundwork the party is laying in Rome must be sealed with the Council of Thorns in 1435BC, and thus a particular set of actions must occur.

First our party is sent to Memel upon the Baltic Sea to meet with the Brujah Tyler. They find him at the Teutonic Castle of Harangmar. They learn that the Ventrue Hardestadt wishes to enslave the younger kindred to the Elders with his Doctrine of the Camarilla. With manipulations of Time and Illusion, the kindred sneak into Memel, and ransack Hardestadt’s Castle, slaying his childer and his Toreodor guests.

From there they sail to Taragona Spain and meet Tyler’s sire Patricia. There the plan is to assail the Salauris Palacecand slay the Ventrue Carlo Von Hapsburg. Using a little visited rear aqueduct the kindred gain covert entry and dispatch the vampires hiding in the central tower. Sargon notes that this building is actually a huge Mage Artifact.

Next it’s off to Palermo Sicily where the party meets Gratiano and Montano de Valanese. With their help they found the hidden Castle of Shadows with the awaiting Methuselah Melinda. With a huge forward assault the party storms the slumbering chamber of Lasobra. Sadly Tariq the Assamite, along with a ghoul guard are banished to the Abyss in this battle. Sargon seizes the kindred hold of the Abyss from Lasombra and makes accords with Melinda. In a flurry they head back to the egg and are whisked back to Republic era Rome.


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