V20: methuselahs rising

End of the First City

Our party begins in Enoch, the first city of kindred. They have been summoned to the bath houses by a fellow weak-blooded kindred, a Lasombra named Sothis. He tells them that there has been a secret hunt of the weak-blooded executed in the city and he recruits our party to help by gathering info from the ghoul priest Akavmin at the Temple of Cain. Our party is a bit dubious of this Lasombra, but none the less their survival is at stake.

They find Akavmin at the Temple and he reveals that the Brujah Troile in instructing them on who to kill. The Aspen Guard has some form of poison on their blades that subdues kindred. He also reveals that the weak blooded are all followers of the demon Lillith and have turned their back on the Father.

Our party then finds the leader of the weak blooded resistance, Nanna the Tzmisce. She reveals a plan to strike at Troile by killing his lover, Elena. Amidst the planning and scheming, all kindred are called to the Temple of Caine where Arikel reveals that Caine, Zillah, and Enoch are leaving to travel and visit other cities run by rogue Kindred. They see Haqim and Troile conversing, and Fatima is subtly touching kindred to discover the weak blooded.

In a plan that didn’t quite go as planned, the party met Absimilard who then followed them whilst obfuscated to “see the adventures”.

Our party waylaid Elena with a well thought scheme and destroyed her. Throwing caution to the wind, Sargon allowed the circlet of Elena to be taken and given to Troile. However, before this could happen, the methuselahs began attacking the weak blooded, Irad arrived with a mighty host, and the sky opened with a storm of rains. The ground itself began bleeding water, and our party used the boat of Bau to escape. Unfortunately as the entire valley flooded, a huge tidal wave swept in and capsized the boat.

All seemed lost until a Malkavian found our party trapped in a tomb in torpor. Given blood, they arose to the familiar face of Anis, and she takes them into Rosh’Dam, the second city…


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