V20: methuselahs rising

Death in a Mountaintop Temple

Your party begins by attending the feast held on your honor. It is obvious however that the Emperor wishes to find a method to cultivate your immortality. After some tension, Xai the guard is embraced, and everyone returns home.

With the Emperor traveling to the Temple of the Whispering Monks, our party decides to do some scouting which turns into pure chaos. Keto travels to various temples and learns of their workings.

Finally the Emperor arrives and the trickery of illusions works. He is assassinated in the caves visiting his ancestors.

The party seeks the egg and makes their way to the next stop, Medina 622CE, in the camp of Muhammed. They meet the Assamite Methuselah named Keriq, who will employ the party to destroy particular targets in Mecca and beyond…



lordbaccus lordbaccus

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