V20: methuselahs rising

Ancient Origins

Coup d'etat afoot

The City of Nod has stood for many moons. Caine has retired with Zillah to let Irad rule with the Founders. Enoch forsook his name and wandered as Enki, the Pilgrim. He finally settled and founded his own city, calling it Enoch, where he has established a Temple to Caine. Sensing the unrest in Nod, Caine has fled to arrive in Enoch. With him come the Children of Enoch; Arikel (Toreodor), Malkav, Saulot (Salubri), Ashur(Cappadocian), Brujah, Tzmisce, and Ventru. The kindred call the city of Enoch the “First City” as Nod in reality does not match its splendor.

Time has passed, and now unrest between the Founders and the Childer has taken root. On top of that, the kindred of Nod have declared foul intentions against those of Enoch. Spies have been found, and the tension is thick. Rumor has it that Caine is on some sort of path of repentance to the Archangel Uriel.

A few of the spies that arrived from Nod to Enoch have made a dire contingency plan. Embracing young fledgelings and leaving them in hiding until they are sent for. Our coeterie has been laying low in the outer ring of Enoch. Finally, word has come from the Lasombra Tethera, Childe of Sybil the Lasombra. It is time to begin making “The Great Unrest”.


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