V20: methuselahs rising

Ancient Origins
Coup d'etat afoot

The City of Nod has stood for many moons. Caine has retired with Zillah to let Irad rule with the Founders. Enoch forsook his name and wandered as Enki, the Pilgrim. He finally settled and founded his own city, calling it Enoch, where he has established a Temple to Caine. Sensing the unrest in Nod, Caine has fled to arrive in Enoch. With him come the Children of Enoch; Arikel (Toreodor), Malkav, Saulot (Salubri), Ashur(Cappadocian), Brujah, Tzmisce, and Ventru. The kindred call the city of Enoch the “First City” as Nod in reality does not match its splendor.

Time has passed, and now unrest between the Founders and the Childer has taken root. On top of that, the kindred of Nod have declared foul intentions against those of Enoch. Spies have been found, and the tension is thick. Rumor has it that Caine is on some sort of path of repentance to the Archangel Uriel.

A few of the spies that arrived from Nod to Enoch have made a dire contingency plan. Embracing young fledgelings and leaving them in hiding until they are sent for. Our coeterie has been laying low in the outer ring of Enoch. Finally, word has come from the Lasombra Tethera, Childe of Sybil the Lasombra. It is time to begin making “The Great Unrest”.

End of the First City

Our party begins in Enoch, the first city of kindred. They have been summoned to the bath houses by a fellow weak-blooded kindred, a Lasombra named Sothis. He tells them that there has been a secret hunt of the weak-blooded executed in the city and he recruits our party to help by gathering info from the ghoul priest Akavmin at the Temple of Cain. Our party is a bit dubious of this Lasombra, but none the less their survival is at stake.

They find Akavmin at the Temple and he reveals that the Brujah Troile in instructing them on who to kill. The Aspen Guard has some form of poison on their blades that subdues kindred. He also reveals that the weak blooded are all followers of the demon Lillith and have turned their back on the Father.

Our party then finds the leader of the weak blooded resistance, Nanna the Tzmisce. She reveals a plan to strike at Troile by killing his lover, Elena. Amidst the planning and scheming, all kindred are called to the Temple of Caine where Arikel reveals that Caine, Zillah, and Enoch are leaving to travel and visit other cities run by rogue Kindred. They see Haqim and Troile conversing, and Fatima is subtly touching kindred to discover the weak blooded.

In a plan that didn’t quite go as planned, the party met Absimilard who then followed them whilst obfuscated to “see the adventures”.

Our party waylaid Elena with a well thought scheme and destroyed her. Throwing caution to the wind, Sargon allowed the circlet of Elena to be taken and given to Troile. However, before this could happen, the methuselahs began attacking the weak blooded, Irad arrived with a mighty host, and the sky opened with a storm of rains. The ground itself began bleeding water, and our party used the boat of Bau to escape. Unfortunately as the entire valley flooded, a huge tidal wave swept in and capsized the boat.

All seemed lost until a Malkavian found our party trapped in a tomb in torpor. Given blood, they arose to the familiar face of Anis, and she takes them into Rosh’Dam, the second city…

Judgement of Caine

Our party is discovered in torpor by Anis and a malkavian simply called The Hound. With slave blood they awaken some 2300 years after the great flood and destruction of the First City.

In this age, Anis takes them to the second city of Rosh’Dam. With the great father gone, the clan founders have set up rule. Seven of them rule the 7 pillars of various position, and none but they may embrace. In order for the weak blooded to be granted reprieve from destruction, a founder must speak for them. Anis has made an arrangement with Cappodocian founder Ashur to grant them domicile. However Ashur sees them as possibilities to be victims to his experiments for the greater good. After speaking with them and ferreting truth with his childe Shaitan, it is discovered they share a common enemy, Troile. Ashur allows them to live and grants protection if they can thwart Troile.

It is decided that Caine should make judgement upon Troile for the Diablerie of Ilyes the Brujah founder. The only problem is that Caine slumbers and his keeper is a notoriously difficult kindred, the Nosferatu founder Absimilard. However, Sargon once made allies with the wily Nosferatu, and they learn he is holed up in Soddom.

Not ones to turn down a chance for growing closet to Caine, Sargon and Ashati enter a combat arena where victory means Diablerie and strength. After using illusions and some back dealings from Shaitan, our kindred come out “closer to Caine”.

They travel to Soddom with Anis, and once there they present to the ruler of Soddom, the diabolical Lillith. Having heard many rumors of her, they finally meet the “queen of hell”, and learn she is like the mother to her progeny as Caine is the father to his. Her descendants share different disciplines and powers than caines do.

Out in the city, our party is able to draw the attention of Absimilard. He is most pleased to see them again, and with a little explaining they are able to convince him to awaken Caine. At the cave of light the great father reemerges to the world, and whisks everyone off to Rosh’Dam. Once there, Caine lays waste to the city and calls out Troile. He then moves the party back to the cave and freezes them in ice while he delivers deadly “judgement” on his vampire descendants. Few escape his wrath, and many years later word of the ice cave reaches Anis, now presuming the role of Innanna in the city of Uruk, she sets out with King Gilgamesh’s elite guard to rescue her protege once again…

A case of identity theft

Our party ingratiates itself into life in Uruk, with the protection of Inanna they get the lay of the land and reconnect with old servants. King Gilgamesh is a Thyrsus as are his 3 sons; his wife an Acanthus.

The vampire prince Enkidu is unlike any kindred our party has met, he is Gangrel yet more spider than wolf. Yet he has a grasp of blood sorcery that no Gangrel should have. After some mild threats from Tzmisce, the party is asked to scout and spy the city of Ashur. It is learned that a kindred calling himself Sargon has set up shop there and has spread his faith as Sargon the God of Desth. In our party Sargon the Lord of Illusion is most displeased.

Our party marches forth to spy on Ashur. Our party is waylaid by brigades which gives Sargon a chance to summon a Behemoth and demonstrate the true powers of a God. Our party encounters the Lasombra city of Eridu and realizes many kindred live in squaler, wasting their Godhood.

Our party finally comes upon the dark,Necropolis of Ashur. It seems to be run by Cappodocians, Baali, Zombies, and practitioners of the Dark Arts. Once within our party encounters Ashur, Shaitan, and the Demon Ba’al. Ashur agrees to relent the Sargon front and grant him the city. Shaitan makes an accord to allow the Baali to dwell here, and then they consider the bargain with ba’al to gather unimaginable power. Sargon sets affairs in order then returns to Uruk, only to discover that King Gilgamesh wishes their end!

Awakening in Carthage

1. The party meets with Anisa at the Hanna Palace, explains Troile and Moloch rule the Cult of the Eternal. She says that Meneleus leads Hamilcar to war against the Romans. Helena has snuck in from Rome to undermine the Brujah.

2. You must present to Troile and Moloch, and prove yourself with a sacrifice to Baal.

3. Meet with Helena she explains the Eternal senate and Camilla.

4. Meneleus is sailing to Syracuse on Sicily, if you go there, you can find troile back up base and brujah soldiers being trained. Kill the trainer Victus Lyonus. There supposedly Troile has his/her heart stored In a sealed jar, seal opened by the Settite Keminitri in Alexandria.

5. Syracuse, the Marble Keep, dozens of brujah, Victus and the Baali Tamarand

6. Find the serpents jar, and take to Alexandria

7. Meet Keminitri, she will do it if you kill the assamites Sha’hazad in the city

8. He is dwelling at the Zoroastrian temple

9. Keminitri open, you have trailed heart

10. Confront moloch

The Storming of Sicily

Our party has been given safe haven at the Hanna Palace in Ancient Carthage. Anis calls the party to a meeting and tells them the tale of Troile punished by Irad turning him from male to female. Troile and moloch have become lovers and started some type of blood cult in Carthage with the goal of achieving Golconda via human sacrifice. The party is suspicious that this is the real Troile, so after much debate a plan is hatched to infiltrate the Eternal Temple and confront this “false Troile”.

Upon arriving at the Temple our party encounters a ghouled priest in need of redemption so he assists greatly. Our party is brought before Troile and Moloch, and Troile sees through the illusions, calling out Sargon. They watch as Troile undergoes some type of possession and the Real Troile speaks to them. This forces Moloch to play his hand and ask for a private meeting.

Out in the farmlands there is some funny business as Nisaba claims to have skills as a charioteer but soon this is disproven. Moloch meets with the party at an estate and learns that The real Troile is buried in Sicily.

After meeting again with Anis it is decided that the party will travel to Syracuse in Sicily with Meneleus’ fleet and find and destroy Troile. The heart, however is mystically sealed by the Serpent Queen Keminitri.

Our party Braves the high seas and lands on the shore of Sicily. They move with haste to beat Meneleus to the Marble Palace of Troile. Illusion proves useful as they slip past the childer of Victus Lyonus and steal the heart of Troile. Outside Meneleus Acosts the Brujah, but his prize slips through his grasp.

Our party must travel to the sands of Egypt, and confront the most beguiling villain in all the kindred world!

Walking into the traps of Rome

Our party begins by porting the Carthagian warship The Blue Death in Alexandria. Sargon finds his Curators here are not only efficient but progressive. After gifting his allies with powerful artifacts, they head to the Temple of Nephtyss. Nephtyss turns out to be a child of Keminitri, and after some wheeling and dealing the party heads out into BFE to Keminitri’s palace. She makes a deal to open the jar containing Troile’s heart in exchange for smuggling her and Eshu into Rome, and then assassinating Prince Camilla.

In Rome our party finds the halls of the eternal senate. Balais speaks to each senator until Prince Camilla arrives. He is seduced by the age and origins of our party. He invites them to a feast at his Halls of Mithras, where Nisaba decides to enter into Gladiator combat against the most lethal City Gangrel in the Roman Empire. The stage is set for victory over Camillus Venturus Titus; however he hasn’t lived this long without subjecting his enemies to his venues and his games….

Slaughter of the Elders

Our party awaits in Rome, however Nisaba and Sargon are approached by Tythan the Annunaki and he wishes to send them into the future within the egg. The groundwork the party is laying in Rome must be sealed with the Council of Thorns in 1435BC, and thus a particular set of actions must occur.

First our party is sent to Memel upon the Baltic Sea to meet with the Brujah Tyler. They find him at the Teutonic Castle of Harangmar. They learn that the Ventrue Hardestadt wishes to enslave the younger kindred to the Elders with his Doctrine of the Camarilla. With manipulations of Time and Illusion, the kindred sneak into Memel, and ransack Hardestadt’s Castle, slaying his childer and his Toreodor guests.

From there they sail to Taragona Spain and meet Tyler’s sire Patricia. There the plan is to assail the Salauris Palacecand slay the Ventrue Carlo Von Hapsburg. Using a little visited rear aqueduct the kindred gain covert entry and dispatch the vampires hiding in the central tower. Sargon notes that this building is actually a huge Mage Artifact.

Next it’s off to Palermo Sicily where the party meets Gratiano and Montano de Valanese. With their help they found the hidden Castle of Shadows with the awaiting Methuselah Melinda. With a huge forward assault the party storms the slumbering chamber of Lasobra. Sadly Tariq the Assamite, along with a ghoul guard are banished to the Abyss in this battle. Sargon seizes the kindred hold of the Abyss from Lasombra and makes accords with Melinda. In a flurry they head back to the egg and are whisked back to Republic era Rome.

The demise of Prince Camillus
Keminitri's first strike

Our party begins in Rome heading to the Halls of Mithras for the Feast of Elders held by Prince Camillus in their honor. The festivities start with Nisaba in some gladiator combat. She has her hands full with Sayshean the City Gangrel. After that she is almost killed by Gragoth the Malkavian twisted by dark Vicissitude powers. However she prevails proving her dominance to the Eternal Senate gathered.

From there they are invited to join Camillus on his pleasure barge to discuss his idea of an “Eternal Council” called the Inconnu. They decide to think upon it, then with swift precision an Illusion attack commences leaving Camillus dead, and allowing Keminitri to assume the role ultimately.

Off to the egg they go, traveling to China during the Han dynasty. They travel to the city of Han, ruled by the Han Mages. they are greeted by the Mage Confuscius. Their is talk of kindred versus Kuei-Jin, the latter of which Tythan wishes to ascend to power. As they gather themselves they are attached by Tsang Mages. They realize their foes here are very alien to any they have faced before…


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