Ruled by king Gilgamesh
Main temple is the temple of the Anunnaki
Population is 300,000+
Sumerians and Akkadians are most populous
The Kings palace is called the Ur-Meshu

Gilgamesh is a thyrsus Mage, his wife is Ishtar (acanthus)
His sons are thyrsus: izdubar, urlugal, ur-nungal
His mother Ninsun still holds ruling sway as Gilgamesh loves to adventure
Utnapishtam isn’t his advisor, he is an immortal

Enkidu is the kindred Prince
Inanna is the queen of the moon, the keeper of the Elysium
Ninlil (lillithite) is the keeper of traditions
Dumuzid is the master of travelers (cappodocian)
Shamhat (toreador) is the mother comforter
Enlil is the judge
Siduri (ventrue) is the builder

The central ring is the Ring of Rulers
Lapis quarters are the Anunnaki temple quarters
The Shem district (the temples and mages)
The moon road (kindred quarters)
Cedar forest – outside of town lupine region
The bronze quarter – merchants
The emerald posts – nobles and priests
Blade quarters – gladiators and soldiers, the sun spears
Stone bed – the builders quarters
The drift – foreign travelers with city wall protection
The pit – slaves
Outside the walls are foreigners
Fatmland lies beyond the walls

The sun spears – the soldiers of foreign combat
The anu shields – city guard
Fist of Gilgamesh – elite adventurers
The sun shields – temple guards
The sand cloaks – farmland guardians
The wardens – police force




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