Sargon's Resilience

Sargon's Custom Discipline of Resilience



Characters will Resilience higher than 5 continue to receive their full Resilience rating as before to health and to downgrade damage types. Starting at level 6 they also start to gain additional abilities that add to their preternatural toughness.

••••• • Resistance

Kindred with high levels of Resilience are very difficult to destroy indeed. Those who have gone beyond “normal” levels of Resilience have characteristics that make them even more difficult to bring down.

Cainites with Resistance have adapted their supernatural toughness to resist any type of attack. Additionally, resilience is always active.

System: Resilience is always active and does not have to be activated per scene. Resilience rating is added to defense of any type of attack, including magical, supernatural, or any other form of aggression whether it has physical, mental or social affects. Additionally kindred with this level of Resilience can no longer be subject to a blood bond (they are immune to such effects).

Regardless of the type of defense, Resilience is added to the roll or subtracted from the attacker’s dice pool as applicable.

••••• •• Marble Skin

Some ancient or very powerful Cainites are known for having skin so tough that it is like marble. These kindred seem imperious to damage although that is obviously not the case.

Bullets bounce off their skin, punches hurt the attacker and it seems like very attack is against supernatural armor.
System: Resilience now also adds to the character’s armor score in addition to other noted effects. Characters are immune to bashing damage and all other damage types are downgraded.

••••• ••• Defy the Curse

Kindred with this level of resilience seem to be able to overcome many aspects of “the curse” of vampirism due to their incredible toughness. They have no fear of fire, they are able to eat and drink and can easily stay awake during the day.

System: The kindred can now stay awake during the day. They can eat and drink although this does not provide them with sustenance. They receive no extra damage from fire or other sources of special damage other than sunlight. They do not need to roll frenzy checks as normal around fire.

••••• •••• Day Walker

Defying Caine’s curse even further the kindred can now walk during the daytime although not without pain. Legends tell of ancient kindred who have made it through entire days of exposure.

There have been stories where powerful Cainites will purposefully expose themselves to sunlight in order to bronze their skin and gain a more human-like appearance.

System: Direct sunlight causes 1 point of aggravated damage per 30 minutes of exposure. This is reduced as normal to lethal for so long as the kindred can do so normally using Resilience. Additionally sunlight now causes the character’s skin to darken one “shade” per 30 minutes of exposure.

By covering their body with clothing, wearing a hat, sunglasses and heavy sunscreen, the kindred can cut the damage done to 1 point of aggravated damage per hour.

Kindred could of course heal damage as normal and therefore potentially stay in the sun all day.

••••• ••••• Blood God

Many dismiss legends of some kindred being hit by every conceivable manner of weapon and shrugging them off as nothing as unfounded but elders would disagree. There are those ancient Cainites who shrug off the claws of werewolves as easily as raindrops.

Virtually unkillable, these kindred fight through all manner of damage and, even if damaged, quickly recover. Some say that reducing a kindred to ashes is not enough to cause final death.

System: The kindred is now immune to both bashing and lethal damage. Aggravated damage is reduced to bashing damage but may add up as normal when health boxes are filled. Even sunlight now counts as bashing damage only.

Additionally, a character may regenerate lost body parts, even heads, by healing normally. If the kindred is somehow destroyed, even to ashes, they will eventually completely reform into a new body. Complete reformation takes 1 year, minus 1 month per point of humanity or path.

The character has absolute immunity against any power or effect that would impair free will or cognition whether mental or social. Additionally, the character is immune to affects brought forth to his character in different times or realities (i.e. any consequences would not affect the “present day” version of the character). This includes changes to the path of life or even death. So such changes would carry forward.

The character is likewise immune to any effect that would alter his vampiric nature (i.e. changes in form or makeup). No shapeshifting, body alteration or removal of the vampiric curse would be effective.

Finally, the character may not be diablerized or otherwise have their soul destroyed. All attempts will automatically fail.


Sargon's Resilience

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