Enoch & Nod

Cities of The Blood


Caine wandered in his darkness and finally embraced his wife Zillah and his son Enoch, cultivating for his love a city of dark splendor in the desert, Nod. With need of mortal help he recruited the mighty Irad to oversee his daytime operations. As time went on, those who dwelt there were granted the embrace and immortality. Caine did not anticipate how strong the dark gift would be, and these that were embraced, the 13, were as Gods in the world. Soon they beget childer, and they childer, and so on and so on. Soon Nod was a den of morbid corruption. Caine snd Zillah fled one night, gone for many moons.

Enoch soon realized that Irad had cultivated dark alliances with many of the 13, and so he fled as well, wandering the world, reforming himself as Enki the Drifter God. Pilgrimage tools its toll, and Enki settled into a city that he quickly reformed into everything that he thought Nod should have been; Enoch. The city of Enoch was a den of commerce, wealth, trade, and dark sciences the likes of which the world had never seen. Enki built a temple dedicated to his father and sire, Caine. The kindred that came here would worship Caine and try to draw understandings of their dark condition from the words of his son.

Caine had seen what Enki had done, and was touched. He entered the city with Zillah and dwelt at the temple dispensing wisdom to his dark brood. Word of Caine’s return soon hit Nod, and the loyalists ventured to Enoch. However, not all were so pleased at Caine’s return. Several of the more powerful kindred devised a scheme to bring Caine down and diablerize him. Caine’s ability to see the future was great, so the venture would have to be subtle and long. Spies were sent in to sabotage the “harmony” of Enoch.

The humans of Enoch were of 2 classes, the slaves and the freemen. Those that were free were priests, merchants, artisans, masons, smiths, planners, soldiers, etc. Imbued with vampiric blood of this strength snd ghoul army was vastly powerful. A single soldier was worth a dozen from the neighboring lands. The slaves toiled at building, farming, cleaning, service, snd to feed the kindred. There were also the slave handlers, and those amongst the slaves that were granted freedoms of sorts, the Liberated. It is amidst this power struggle that the kinded of Nod sought to cause disruption and rebellion to distract the focus of Caine, make war, and feast on soul.

Caine and Enoch despise nothing more than the thinning of the blood. Caine feels that the darkness is not worth the price if a vampire does not have God-like power. This led to several major cullings where any kindred below blood potency 6 was destroyed (Caine is 10+, the founders are considered 11). However Zillah took to s young child of Arikel, a dancer of mesmerizing beauty named Ruthana. Ruthana and Her entire troupe had been embraced, snd Zillah spoke soft words to Caine, and so he heard Ruthana’s case to live. Caine was finally convinced that the Dark Gift was indeed not a curse upon the weak-blooded. They were allowed to live.

The betrayals of Nod heard rumor of this and their entire plan shifted. It was now possible to smuggle the weak-blooded into the city. Their soldiers were in place snd things progressed as foreseen.

A dire warning was delivered to Caine by an Archangel, to end the passing of his curse, if he ignored the warning, there would be catastrophic reprocussions…



Enoch & Nod

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