Covenant of Sargon



“The knowledge of Caine must be protected lest you meet the fate of Troile.”

Members of the Curators are the self-appointed collectors, keepers and conservators of the collected knowledge about Caine and his lineage. Most of the few kindred who are aware of the Curators regard them as a minor Covenant with a collection of flea market materials who worship junk and false knowledge. Ancients however know the truth: The Curators hold the collected knowledge of Caine and protect it from the “unworthy”.

While many kindred of modern nights doubt that Caine ever existed, much less Troile, members of the Curators are true believers. Because of the origins of the Curators are with the Ravnos, their reputation for deception leads many to believe that the whole idea is just a lie and a clever trick for personal gain. Indeed it is said that the progenitor of the covenant, Sargon, used a band of human gypsies to bring treachery on others. It is said by some that his band of “retainers” continue into modern nights with sophisticated infrastructure and technology.

Legend holds that the Curators were born out of the events of the destruction of the fabled second city, Rosh’Dam. Many of course believe the city never even existed but Curators trust in the word of Sargon. While the Covenant did not come to life for many years after the destruction of Rosh’Dam, it is said that Sargon already had a vast web of gypsy followers who preserved his traditions.

Sargon, the story says, was preserved in ice by Caine himself in order to protect him and his followers from destruction while the evil Troile was punished. Many years later Sargon was free of the ice and began the Curators in earnest. The Curators began with just Sargon and many human and ghoul followers. To this day, humans and ghouls remain and extremely critical part of the Curator infrastructure. Some are later embraced must still earn the full path of membership.


The Curators are referred to in derogatory terms as “Gypsies” yet they seem to embrace it. While many other modern covenants seek prestige in Kindred society (Invictus), penance for the damned (Lancae Sanctum) or other goals, the Curators seek to preserve the knowledge of Caine for the worthy.

Curators never seek to claim dominance of a region or power in the traditional sense. While Curators are very secretive they also do not seek to become involved in political intrigue. Acquisition of wealth is similarly forbidden. All personal wealth acquired must be donated to the Covenant. Even Sargon himself is said to do this. In this manner the Covenant itself has astounding resources with which to protect and serve its members. This furthers the “gypsy” perception of the Covenant in that its members tend to be transitory and do not have permanent havens of their own. They are all welcome at Curator facilities however.

The Curators are said to have artifacts of all ages of kindred existence, dating back to ancient Nod and Enoch. They have also collected many who have claimed to have first-hand account of Caine, including their founder Sargon in his internally famed “Journal of Nod”. This tome is considered among the most sacred pieces of kindred history. In modern times it is said that the Covenant’s incredible resources are used to support a vast, redundant and incredibly secure collection of digital documentation of the knowledge of Caine. These computers are never networked or connected to the internet in order to prevent intrusion yet certain excerpts considered important for all kindred are found on kindred websites. Humans of course consider these sites just entertaining fantasy but the descendants of Caine know better.


One cannot just walk into the Curators and join. The Covenant is composed exclusively of elder vampires and older who have proven themselves over the course of decades if not centuries. While some ancillae and neonates know of the Curators and wish to join they must go through an exhaustive process that leads to them aging and growing closer to Caine.

This is not to say that younger kindred are not involved. They often do the bidding of the Curators in order to become closer to true membership. They are sometimes sent on “quests” to recover items or information and must still “tithe” although not surrender all wealth like full members.

Many Members of the Curators follow the Path of Caine but others are simply interested in learning more about the father of kindred. There is no limitation of clan membership to join. While Sargon himself is Ravnos, there are representatives from almost every clan within the sect. Nosferatu are also commonly members as it is said that Sargon is a close ally to Absimilard and the two worked together to bring down Troile.

Members can have virtually any traits as there is a need for physical, social and mental specialists to fulfill different roles: scholars, adventurous collectors, clever operatives and more.


Curators believe they are bring the “worthy” closer to Caine and that Sargon is the true chosen of Caine. They believe that one night all unworthy will be scrubbed from the land and only the true children of Caine will remain.

Sargon himself occupies the position of Dingir (Sumerian for blood god) and sometimes participates in Covenant activities. Like Sargon, members of the Curators believe in becoming closer to Caine by gaining in knowledge. Some also believe in becoming closer through the blood but not all. This is primarily limited to followers of the Path of Caine.

Title and Duties

There are many divisions of responsibility within the Curators governed by a number of different caste leaders. Each leader is an elder vampire. It of course took many hundreds of years to fill out the castes and leaders until it reached modern day sophistication.

The collection of caste leaders forms the Council of Elders which governs high level decisions for the Curators and they effectively run the covenant. The Council can only be overridden by Sargon but this is exceedingly rare, especially considering his propensity for lengthy periods of absence.

If a member of the Curators is recruited without a clear caste roll they are educated and indoctrinated into one. Once a caste is chosen it is permanent.


The one true leader of the Curators and seen as “closest to Caine” by the membership. Sargon is the only kindred to ever hold the title of Dingir although a chosen few have been tasked to provide leadership during long periods of Sargon’s absence.


The Brahmin is the leader of the scholar cast of the Curators. This position is esteemed and considered to be thought of as the interpreters of the collected knowledge of Caine. Members of the caste are known as Brahminites.


The warriors, guardians and enforcers of security in the covenant are led by the Kshatriya. Throughout history more and more of the warriors have been ghouls with enhanced physical abilities. Members of the caste are known as Kshatriyans.


The Vaishya represents the head of the financial arm of the Curators. While Curators don’t individually value acquisition of wealth they realize that wealth is critical to the success of their endeavors. The Vaishya is a financial wizard and his caste recruits talented financial experts of all types. Members of the caste are known as Vaishyaians.


The Shudra leads the caste of artisans and crafters known as the Shudrans. They are responsible for designing the caches of collection, safe houses and libraries found discreetly throughout civilization.



All full members of the Custodians are elder vampires or older but there is still a hierarchy to be found and respected. Each level of the hierarchy comes with different benefits and responsibilities.

Membership in the Custodians is a full-time job for most of its members but many older members take liberties.

Minimum requirements:
At least 1 Attribute at 5;
Occult specialty of Kindred;
Blood Potency 3 or higher.


Vans represent the mass of the Custodians and are those at the lowest level. Despite that Vans are still highly respected and have full authority over most of the ghouls and humans who aid the covenant unless excepted by a higher level member.

Vans are tasked with doing much of the direct manage of human and ghoul assets for their caste. A Van Kshatriya would be like a Lieutenant, commanding groups for covert operations, security or other purposes.

Benefits: Access to Resources 3; Status within the covenant (Custodian Status 1); Retainer 2; access to libraries and safe houses.


Keepers are the next evolution of Custodian status and represent those who have proven themselves over the course of at least 10 years as well as impressing someone of higher level who nominates them.

A Keeper normally has a small group of Vans whom he oversees.

Benefits: Access to Resources 4; Status within the covenant (Custodian Status 2); Retainers 2; access to libraries and safe houses.


Named in honor of the might Absimilard, the Absimilardians are the highest level members with tactical duties. Those of higher level are not as concerned with day to day or even year to year matters.

Benefits: Access to Resources 5; Status within the covenant (Custodian Status 3 or 4); Retainers 4; access to libraries and safe houses.


Archons are strategic planners who report directly to the Council. They are extremely powerful and respected within the Custodians and rarely do members see, meet or interact with anyone higher than an Archon.

Benefits: Access to Resources 5; Status within the covenant (Custodian Status 5); Retainers 5; access to libraries and safe houses.

They also focus on honing themselves in the form of Caine, and at this level receive a free increase in Blood Potency by 1 due to their studies and exposure. They also receive a free permanent Willpower Point. The Archons take direct orders from the Council of the Elders.


Counselors are members of the Council of Elders and are leaders of their castes. Within their castes their power is nearly absolutely. They generally only interact with Archons and are revered as almost godlike by other members.

Benefits: Access to Resources 6; Status within the covenant (Custodian Status 6); Retainers 6; access to libraries and safe houses.

Counselors once again receive a free point of Blood Potency as well as either a free attribute dot in Manipulation or Resolve. Counselors report to no one but the Dingir.


The Dingir is the “closest to Caine” and the highest level member of the Custodians. There was been but one Dingir thus far: Sargon. If Sargon ever were to fall or step down, a new Dingir would be elected from among the Counsel of Elders.

Benefits: Access to Resources 7; Status within the covenant (Custodian Status 7); Retainers 7; access to libraries and safe houses.

The Dingir’s closeness to Caine gives him another free dot in Blood Potency and another free attribute dot of his choosing. These are cumulative with previous benefits.


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