Ravnos, Childe of Sargon


Ziyuan is the favorite pupil of Confucius, and 30 years his junior, he is funny and witty, and has a keen insight into the workings of the Eastern Court. He never awakened so he can hold no prestige in the Han Court, though in reality he far surpasses most mages of the court.

Sargon immediately saw great potential in Ziyuan who was denied by the mages of the Han Dynasty due to his lack of powers. Ziyuan was therefore more than willing to accept Caine’s Gift from Sargon and in turn serve the Curators.

With great knowledge of the mages of the Han Dynasty and of their artifacts, Ziyuan is expected to procure and curate much.

Sargon has sent for an experienced Curator from the West to provide training to Ziyuan so that Ziyuan may run the newly founded Curator stronghold in the East.



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