Ravnos Akhkharu, Dingir of the Curators



With thousands of years of experience Sargon has realized that the quest for and preservation of kindred knowledge reigns supreme. The growth of the Curators under his leadership will facilitate those ideals for years to come.

No longer weak-blooded, Sargon has become a veritable blood god but now must feed only on kindred. The Curators assist their Dingir in this as well and now at 5th Generation (8 BP) he is closer to Caine than ever. Fortunately Sargon’s supreme Resilience allows him immunity to the petty blood bonds of others.

Now Troile raises his rebellious head once again. It is clear to Sargon that he was chosen by Caine to lead the kindred, having disciplined Troile at Caine’s side so many thousands of years ago. It is clearly Sargon’s role to take charge of the dire situation which has unveiled itself at Carthage. He will rule kindred while shepherding the humans as agreed with the Annunaki…

Early History

As a human Sargon rotated between extreme success and failure. Using his refined ability for manipulation and his other-worldly looks he was able to take what he wanted almost anytime. This included money, women and just plain fun.

Roving from caravan to caravan, Sargon was able to pull off some of the same cons time and time again. Using many different names and appearances, “working” was never on the table.

Sargon’s time and mortal life ran out one night while trying to con the wrong individual…Bau. Bau was different from the start. He only wanted to meet at night and seemed to have clothing untouched by the sand and wind.

Sargon, used to getting the best of every bargain, was surprised when Bau seemed to outflank his every move. It seemed at one point that the items changed but that had to be just imagination. When the time came to close the loop on the con Bau just smiled and had his men arrest Sargon.

For 3 months Sargon was tortured nightly by Bau. His worst nightmares seem to come to life right before his very eyes. At some point Bau remarked he was impressed with Sargon’s incredible resolve. It was the following night that Sargon joined the ranks of the immortals…

Following the Path of Caine, Sargon has diablerized many:
Tevran the Toreador, 12,000 BC
Eleana the Brujah, 12,000 BC
Barrick the Toreador, 9,700 BC
2 Young, nameless Brujah, 9,700 BC
Stefana, Toreador, 1435 AD
Lasombra, 1435 AD



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