Deshret Moswen

Priest/Assassin - Follower of Set


Name: Deshret Moswen
Race: Middle Eastern
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Height: 6’

Being of the priesthood, Deshret has look of importance about him. His is very charming and no one would guess how deadly he can be.


Deshret did not know a life outside the temple, for being born on the most auspicious hour of the most holiest of days meant he was destined for temple life. As a child he learned quickly and passed all trials placed before him; never did he question the priests’ instructions or asked why. His agility, strength and mental capacities were refined to that of a weapon, and soon he was given assignments that he carried out flawlessly. For many years he did the work of the temple, believing he was serving the Gods the best way he could. He therefore was not surprised when he came face to face with a God. This God offered him much, and he was willing to accept.
This second stage in his learning was far better then the first. He enjoyed much and knew he was pleasing his God. He did not question his God when he was given his new assignment. As he left, he did not know if he would ever see his God again, or even become a God himself.

Deshret Moswen

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