Scion of the Way


Name : Balais
Age : 44
Sex : Male
Height : 6ft 4in
Weight : 199lbs
Race : Middle Eastern

Balais is a tall and imposing person. Always a serious faced and wraps himself in fine dark robes. Face is aged with experience. Anyone could readily see that he is a person who has seen a lot of life.


Balais was born into and raised by a order of healers. It was a life he was groomed for and he embraced it with little regard for himself. His early years after his formal training he spent on mission and crusades. Out in the wild or on a battlefield he never wavered from his mission. His comrades or those he was ordered to join always felt better knowing he was at hand.

Balais life changed dramatically one night as he was on a mission deep in the underbelly of the city. Down into what they thought was a abandoned crypt. His charges were set upon by unholy and malformed creatures. It ended being a losing battle and a running fight as they retreated back to the city from where they came. As the darkness closed in and those with him dwindled in number Balais readied himself for what was to come. He stood forth unafraid and unflinching before the writhing massive monster. Any lesser person would have cowed and shrank before the nightmare but he stood fast. In the last moment when at last the monster reached out for him, a blinding flash came out of seemingly now where. In a blur of speed and skill the two fought and the monster was pushed back and melted back into the shadow. Then at once a slim beautiful women stood before him. Streaks of blood upon her as she looked up at Balais. She smiled and tilted her head, and spoke in a soft alluring voice “hmm such strength…. I may have a use for you”.

And so Balais the vampire was born


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