Age: 7610
Apparent Age: 19
Date of Birth: 10,000 BC
R.I.P: 10,000 BC (City of Nod)
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: blue
Race: caucasian
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 125

Ashati is extremely pale, due to her constant indoor activities. She rarely sees or goes into the sun. Her quiet demeanor reflects her beauty tenfold. Ashati has a directors personality. She looks past extraneous detail and embraces logic and reason.



Ashati Taweret—10,000 BC

Ashati’s life, from the beginning, was a constant servitude. Ashati was born into slavery, so she knew no other life. Her Sire, Awil-shamash, was a librarian and scholar of the highest regard in the City of Enoch. Ashati shared his thirst for knowledge and the endless cataloging of scrolls and tablets. Ashati was very efficient at organizing the cities library, because she was also privy to its contents. Her thirst for knowledge rivaled even her Sire’s.
Ashati’s mentor, Anis, was the matriarch and keeper of the Temple of Scrolls. Her tutelage was filled with laughter, long conversations, and unimaginable pleasure—she was very much in love with her mentor. Ashati’s life was simple and very rewarding. She was on her way to becoming a scholar worthy of the elders of her city. Her primary goal in life was to make her mentor, Anis, proud.

The City of Enoch

Awil-shamash—Ashati’s Sire

Awil was born into slavery in Ethiopia. His affinity for academia did not go unnoticed, and he was traded for fair and sometimes outlandish prices for his ability to organize and catalog. He definitely was skilled in academics, which is the chief and most important reason he was first ghouled then embraced in Enoch. Awil became a custodian in the Hall of Scrolls, after his embrace. He was treated no better or worse than the humans, due to his weak blood, but he was afforded a means to feed his knowledge of the world and his curiosities. Awil was in charge of the human workers in the Hall of Scrolls, with a preference to one specifically. The daughter of an elder staff member, Ashati was always visiting and helping her father.
Awil recognized her thirst for knowledge and began covertly instructing her in all manner of academia. It was a thrill for him to teach someone with such a passion for knowledge. They became close friends and Awil eventually embraced her, justifying his actions with the thought that Ashati would live forever collecting knowledge. This friendship, in turn, led to Ashati meeting the Pillar of Scrolls, Anis.
Their meetings became more frequent as time went on, and the two eventually became lovers. Awil was less enthusiastic about this coupling, because he wanted his star pupil for himself. Their relationship was strained because of his jealousy and Ashati didn’t really understand why he became so distant so quickly. Their interactions became short conversations about shipments and day-to-day tasks.
Ashati couldn’t find her sire before their escape from the city. As the boat set off for Rashtam, she felt a crushing whoa in her heart. Would she ever see the vampire that gave her a new life? Would they ever reconcile their friendship?

7700 B.C.




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