V20: methuselahs rising

Walking into the traps of Rome

Our party begins by porting the Carthagian warship The Blue Death in Alexandria. Sargon finds his Curators here are not only efficient but progressive. After gifting his allies with powerful artifacts, they head to the Temple of Nephtyss. Nephtyss turns out to be a child of Keminitri, and after some wheeling and dealing the party heads out into BFE to Keminitri’s palace. She makes a deal to open the jar containing Troile’s heart in exchange for smuggling her and Eshu into Rome, and then assassinating Prince Camilla.

In Rome our party finds the halls of the eternal senate. Balais speaks to each senator until Prince Camilla arrives. He is seduced by the age and origins of our party. He invites them to a feast at his Halls of Mithras, where Nisaba decides to enter into Gladiator combat against the most lethal City Gangrel in the Roman Empire. The stage is set for victory over Camillus Venturus Titus; however he hasn’t lived this long without subjecting his enemies to his venues and his games….


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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