V20: methuselahs rising

The Storming of Sicily

Our party has been given safe haven at the Hanna Palace in Ancient Carthage. Anis calls the party to a meeting and tells them the tale of Troile punished by Irad turning him from male to female. Troile and moloch have become lovers and started some type of blood cult in Carthage with the goal of achieving Golconda via human sacrifice. The party is suspicious that this is the real Troile, so after much debate a plan is hatched to infiltrate the Eternal Temple and confront this “false Troile”.

Upon arriving at the Temple our party encounters a ghouled priest in need of redemption so he assists greatly. Our party is brought before Troile and Moloch, and Troile sees through the illusions, calling out Sargon. They watch as Troile undergoes some type of possession and the Real Troile speaks to them. This forces Moloch to play his hand and ask for a private meeting.

Out in the farmlands there is some funny business as Nisaba claims to have skills as a charioteer but soon this is disproven. Moloch meets with the party at an estate and learns that The real Troile is buried in Sicily.

After meeting again with Anis it is decided that the party will travel to Syracuse in Sicily with Meneleus’ fleet and find and destroy Troile. The heart, however is mystically sealed by the Serpent Queen Keminitri.

Our party Braves the high seas and lands on the shore of Sicily. They move with haste to beat Meneleus to the Marble Palace of Troile. Illusion proves useful as they slip past the childer of Victus Lyonus and steal the heart of Troile. Outside Meneleus Acosts the Brujah, but his prize slips through his grasp.

Our party must travel to the sands of Egypt, and confront the most beguiling villain in all the kindred world!


Time to eat Troile. Dibs.

The Storming of Sicily
lordbaccus lordbaccus

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