V20: methuselahs rising

Judgement of Caine

Our party is discovered in torpor by Anis and a malkavian simply called The Hound. With slave blood they awaken some 2300 years after the great flood and destruction of the First City.

In this age, Anis takes them to the second city of Rosh’Dam. With the great father gone, the clan founders have set up rule. Seven of them rule the 7 pillars of various position, and none but they may embrace. In order for the weak blooded to be granted reprieve from destruction, a founder must speak for them. Anis has made an arrangement with Cappodocian founder Ashur to grant them domicile. However Ashur sees them as possibilities to be victims to his experiments for the greater good. After speaking with them and ferreting truth with his childe Shaitan, it is discovered they share a common enemy, Troile. Ashur allows them to live and grants protection if they can thwart Troile.

It is decided that Caine should make judgement upon Troile for the Diablerie of Ilyes the Brujah founder. The only problem is that Caine slumbers and his keeper is a notoriously difficult kindred, the Nosferatu founder Absimilard. However, Sargon once made allies with the wily Nosferatu, and they learn he is holed up in Soddom.

Not ones to turn down a chance for growing closet to Caine, Sargon and Ashati enter a combat arena where victory means Diablerie and strength. After using illusions and some back dealings from Shaitan, our kindred come out “closer to Caine”.

They travel to Soddom with Anis, and once there they present to the ruler of Soddom, the diabolical Lillith. Having heard many rumors of her, they finally meet the “queen of hell”, and learn she is like the mother to her progeny as Caine is the father to his. Her descendants share different disciplines and powers than caines do.

Out in the city, our party is able to draw the attention of Absimilard. He is most pleased to see them again, and with a little explaining they are able to convince him to awaken Caine. At the cave of light the great father reemerges to the world, and whisks everyone off to Rosh’Dam. Once there, Caine lays waste to the city and calls out Troile. He then moves the party back to the cave and freezes them in ice while he delivers deadly “judgement” on his vampire descendants. Few escape his wrath, and many years later word of the ice cave reaches Anis, now presuming the role of Innanna in the city of Uruk, she sets out with King Gilgamesh’s elite guard to rescue her protege once again…


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