V20: methuselahs rising

Awakening in Carthage

1. The party meets with Anisa at the Hanna Palace, explains Troile and Moloch rule the Cult of the Eternal. She says that Meneleus leads Hamilcar to war against the Romans. Helena has snuck in from Rome to undermine the Brujah.

2. You must present to Troile and Moloch, and prove yourself with a sacrifice to Baal.

3. Meet with Helena she explains the Eternal senate and Camilla.

4. Meneleus is sailing to Syracuse on Sicily, if you go there, you can find troile back up base and brujah soldiers being trained. Kill the trainer Victus Lyonus. There supposedly Troile has his/her heart stored In a sealed jar, seal opened by the Settite Keminitri in Alexandria.

5. Syracuse, the Marble Keep, dozens of brujah, Victus and the Baali Tamarand

6. Find the serpents jar, and take to Alexandria

7. Meet Keminitri, she will do it if you kill the assamites Sha’hazad in the city

8. He is dwelling at the Zoroastrian temple

9. Keminitri open, you have trailed heart

10. Confront moloch


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