V20: methuselahs rising

A case of identity theft

Our party ingratiates itself into life in Uruk, with the protection of Inanna they get the lay of the land and reconnect with old servants. King Gilgamesh is a Thyrsus as are his 3 sons; his wife an Acanthus.

The vampire prince Enkidu is unlike any kindred our party has met, he is Gangrel yet more spider than wolf. Yet he has a grasp of blood sorcery that no Gangrel should have. After some mild threats from Tzmisce, the party is asked to scout and spy the city of Ashur. It is learned that a kindred calling himself Sargon has set up shop there and has spread his faith as Sargon the God of Desth. In our party Sargon the Lord of Illusion is most displeased.

Our party marches forth to spy on Ashur. Our party is waylaid by brigades which gives Sargon a chance to summon a Behemoth and demonstrate the true powers of a God. Our party encounters the Lasombra city of Eridu and realizes many kindred live in squaler, wasting their Godhood.

Our party finally comes upon the dark,Necropolis of Ashur. It seems to be run by Cappodocians, Baali, Zombies, and practitioners of the Dark Arts. Once within our party encounters Ashur, Shaitan, and the Demon Ba’al. Ashur agrees to relent the Sargon front and grant him the city. Shaitan makes an accord to allow the Baali to dwell here, and then they consider the bargain with ba’al to gather unimaginable power. Sargon sets affairs in order then returns to Uruk, only to discover that King Gilgamesh wishes their end!


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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